There is a lot to discover online and we are getting it to you faster!
ShockWare is a powerful Internet Provider that has been serving up
online experiences to rural Alberta for over a decade, ensuring that
you stay connected with your friends, family and colleagues.

The tweaking and polishing never ends...
In our industry changes come quickly, but since we have built our powerful
network from our own backbones, we are always on top. We do not lease
our backbone pipes from other companies which allows us to improve
and strengthen our grid all by ourselves. We have recently updated
our backbones with "GigaFiber" -- that's geek for "Wow that is fast!".
This upgrade was delivered to our current members free of charge.

New Improvements and shiny features abound!
Along with our fancy new logo and hip new site that will continue to grow as
features are completed, we are working on a few new things that will continue
to improve the way you connect and stay connected. It is true, we never sleep!
We do not own shovels, but we can fly... sort of!
We partner with municipalities & farmers to add antennas to existing structures.
They talk to you wirelessly via a speedy equipment we install in your home.
Here is a map of our coverage area that is ever growing ...

So close you can smell the Internet!

You are making the right move and ShockWare is standing by.
Fill out the form and we will be in contact to get you connected lickity-split.

Did someone refer you to us? They deserve a handshake don't you think?
Include their email in the spot provided and we will gladly do so.

We are here to help!

Please note that "Email Services" & "Personal Web Pages" are no longer provided.
We recommend getting a Gmail account so that we can setup Email Forwarding.

ShockWare Customers can check their Internet Usage by visting this page

ShockWare Contract is available here
Acceptable Use Policy is available here
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